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Author Topic: HIJAMA FRAUD  (Read 3798 times)

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« on: November 07, 2013, 10:54:14 pm »

I just received a plea for help from a brother in Denmark who was told by a "doctor" who was performing cupping not hijama, that he required three separate treatments to be "cured" He said the first two seemed to help and then the third treatment reversed all the benefit he felt he received from the first and possibly second treatment.

When are people going to listen. Just because someone claims to be a doctor, or claims to have a certificate for hijama, does not QUALIFY them to be practicing hijama. No doubt this "doctor" received his certificate from one of these high priced 'Hijama" clinics who are cheating and harming people. The reason why he recommended three treatments is because you can make more money. Three back-to-back treatments is very dangerous. All you should have and need is one proper treatment no more than twice a year.

So please people instead of contacting me after you are cheated, listen to what we are saying here and be absolutely certain you receive your treatment from a real ijaaza practitioner. The new trick is to say that they received their ijaaza from Prophet Muhammad (saw).  Shaitons, every last one of them are Shaitons.

May Allah save us from such foolish people claiming to revive the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad while potentially killing Islam and people in the process.

For the honor of the most honored in creation, Saydinah Muhammad (saw).

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